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 Northern Sound System

The Interview with Nick was aired on PBAfm 897 on the 27th April, 2016. He works at the Northern Sound System at Elizabeth.

This is a Playford City Council initiative for the youth of the Northern suburbs and is instrumental in helping youth that have a passion for music, production or need some direction in life when mainstream education may not give them what they need.


Nick O'Connor & Myself at PBA fm 897

Nick O’Connor & Myself at PBA fm 897



SSMP South Side Money Posse

I followed this up wit an interview with the boys from SSMP, part promotion for the show at Northern Sound System called the Northside Hip Hop Show that was held on the 11th June 2016.

This is a great insight into the genre of Hip-Hop and how these boys got to where they are today.


SSMP & Myself at PBAfm 897



 North Side Urban Culture

Just prior to the Northside Hip Hop show I spoke with Darren May who was the organiser of this event. We discussed this and many other ambitions that he has to help disadvantaged youth, in particular in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Listen in to this interview and maybe you can help in some small way too.

Darren May

Darren May, the girls and myself at PBA fm 897